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Privacy Policy

  1. Properties and general information
  2. Azienda Agricola Atzeni
    S.S. 128 Km. 8+500, Località Campu Carradori, 09020, Samatzai (CA), Italy
    C.F./P.IVA: 03050630924

    Dear User, pursuant to the legislation concerning the protection of personal data (art. 13 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/03), Azienda Agricola Atzeni, process owner (hereinafter "owner") in the full respect of your privacy and in line with its company policy that considers the respect for and protection of the rights of the Members essential for the conduct of its business, would like to inform about the use of your personal data, as well as your rights, as follows:

  3. Statement on Privacy
  4. The Italian Legislative Decree n. 196 of June 30, 2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal data" governs the procedures for the collection, treatment, storage, and any communication and / or dissemination of personal data, specifying the rights and obligations of the persons concerned.
    The processing of personal data by the Owner (or parent and subsidiary companies, which are also owners) it complies with the regulations in force.

  5. Mode of data collection
  6. The data is collected in different ways depending on the type of service required in the Site and in this regard it is specified that it is possible to access some services on the Site in an anonymous fashion (eg browsing the site, consulting the list of products for sale, etc. .), while for other services (eg, purchase, request for contact, request for information, etc..) is necessary to send data requirements identified by affixing a specific character (*) the information that is required.
    The collection of such data can also be done by filling out electronic forms.

  7. Fulfillment Services and communicated to third parties
  8. The data will be processed in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, fairness, relevant and not excessive for the sole purpose of fulfilling the execution of the service required , but in any case be kept for a period of time no longer than strictly necessary to achieve the purpose the same ;

    For the fulfillment of the required service (eg, delivery of a purchased product , request a quote for sending a product , etc.). might need to communicate its data or any part thereof to third parties who collaborate or use services of the owner ( freight forwarding companies , postal services, etc. . ) .

    In these cases the owner is not responsible for the data processing on their part.
    In this regard, the Third Parties assume their responsibilities on the processing of personal data have committed themselves to treat them in accordance with the principles of lawfulness, fairness, relevant and not excessive for the sole purpose of fulfilling the execution of the requested service.

    Sending e-mail to one or more of the addresses in the site involves the acquisition by the recipient of the email address of the sender. This address, together with other information provided in the message , are necessary in order to fulfill the requested service.

  9. Duration of treatment
  10. The goals of treatment can be followed through such forms as telephone contact, through systems of e-mailing, sms, mms, through the letters sent by mail.

    The duration of treatment will last no more than is necessary to fulfill the purpose of collection (eg sending of information, send the product or products bought / s, etc.). Therefore, the treatment will last as long as the person does not decide to cancel the entered data through a specific form within the Site or, if not present, through communication to the owner by registered letter or email.

  11. Development and dissemination
  12. The personal data will be processed in paper and / or computer science, and their diffusion will be with logic strictly related to the execution of the service required, the Owner shall be entitled to process the personal data either directly or through collaboration with third parties who act in quality managers or agents.

  13. Anti-money laundering and transfer of data abroad
  14. The processing of personal data related to anti-money laundering obligations to take place having regard to the specific modalities of execution imposed on non-financial by the Regulations on Identification and Conservation of Information envisaged by art. 3 paragraph 2, of Italian Legislative Decree no. N. 56/2004 and adopted by Italian Ministerial Decree n. 143/2006;

    personal data may be transferred outside the Italian territory for the execution of the services requested through the Site, but always in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

  15. Responsible for processing
  16. Responsible and data processor of your data is Azienda Agricola Atzeni based in S.S. 128 Km. 8+500, Località Campu Carradori, 09020, Samatzai (CA), Italy.

  17. Exercise the rights
  18. At any time you may exercise your rights under Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree 196/ 03:

    obtain from the controller the above confirmation of the existence or not of personal data concerning you , to know the origin of personal data, the purposes and methods of treatment , the logic applied in case of treatment with l ' aid of electronic instruments ; the identification details of the owner and managers ; subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data may be communicated or who can learn about them as managers or agents and also has the right to update , supplement, correct or eliminate, to request blocking and object to their treatment.
    More precisely, cancellation and freezing apply to data processed in violation of the law and may also oppose, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data concerning you, for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

  19. Contact the Owner
  20. In order to exercise the rights set forth above or for further information and / or clarification regarding this privacy policy, you may contact at any time the Owner at the following addresses:

    - S.S. 128 Km. 8+500, Località Campu Carradori, 09020, Samatzai (CA), Italy;
    - privacy[-at-] (where [-at-] is @)

  21. Jurisdiction
  22. Each condition included in this privacy policy is independent and independent of the others. The invalidity, ineffectiveness and / or invalidity of one or more conditions not in any way affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining conditions.

    The colored titles and / or underlined are for convenience of reference and shall not affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of these terms of use.

    This privacy policy and the rules contained in it are subject to Italian law and the parties agree and pattuiscono that in case of disputes exclusive place of jurisdiction will be to Cagliari (Italy).

  23. Last updated
  24. The last update was made in date 23/09/2013.