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The tradition of wine in Sardinia

Our history.

The Atzeni's Farm was born in November 2006, with the purchase of a farm cultivated since 1955 and other neighboring land.
To date, the company covers for 15 hectares.

The Atzeni's Farm is a family-run company that not only produce great wines, produces table grapes, wheat, fodder and a oil of great quality.

The harvest is one of the most important moments, and it is strictly according to the Sardinian tradition, with hand picked grapes and selected to ensure Quality of the product.

The traditional lunch at the end of harvest

Respect for tradition.

Sardinia is a land rich in ancient traditions, is still deeply rooted in the culture of Sardinia.

Respect for the tradition affects every aspect of life in Sardinia and nowadays the Sardinians make a big effort not to lose their Origins, trying to coexist progress technological and innovation and respect for their own ancient popular culture.

"Su binu a su sabori, su pane a su colori"
"The wine is known by taste, the bread from color"