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A glimpse of the house at company

Atzeni's Farm

Our history.

The Atzeni's Farm was officially founded in November 2006, with the purchase of a farm cultivated since 1955 and other neighboring lands for a total of 15 hectares .

It is a company in family, which relies on the work of an employee and a number of seasonal workers.
Besides wine grapes, in the fiveteen hectars of the farm are cultivated excellent table grapes, wheat and feed.
Without forgetting the olive trees from which the company gets each year oil of great quality.

Respect for tradition.

The art of wine, in Sardinia, has ancient origins.
To be precise, were found vases and wine jugs dating back to the XIV century BC.
The methods have changed over time, but Sardinia and Sardinians are deeply attached to their origins and their traditions.

The Atzeni's wines come from grapes harvested by hand, selected to ensure quality and the homogeneity of the products.